Notas de Café
Colombia is a magical alluring gem, and one particularly persuasive facet is its coffee traditions.

North American YouTuber Zach Morris came to Colombia three years ago, only to find himself transformed into “The Very Colombian Gringo.” Zach found himself drawn to Colombia. He adopted its people, their culture … and then became obsessed with Juan Valdez’s® iconic Iced Coffee: Zach was smitten. He is now known for his YouTube videos introducing others to the beauty of Colombia.

While in Peru, a friend told him he was travelling to the “Coffee Country” for an exchange program. Two months later, Zach paid him a visit in Tunja, and Peru became but a distant memory. He cloaked himself in the mantel of Colombia’s oldest traditions and took the experience of a lifetime on full-tilt. “I was lucky enough to arrive in a small village instead of the big city. I got to really know people, and learned to love one of Colombia’s time-honored cuisines. I just fell head over heels in love with Colombians and their culture”.

Zach’s very first visit to Juan Valdez® was back in 2015, when a friend organized a get-together at one of our coffee shops. “I thought it was just going to be your basic coffee bar, but when I got there, it was really something else”.

Since then, Zach has been a regular at our coffee shops – obsessed with the brand. We sat down with him over a cup of coffee:

What makes Juan Valdez® different?

I know they stand squarely behind their own nation and the Colombian coffee growers – that’s just a great thing. Plus, I have been to their Washington D.C. shop and seen the Colombian corn buns, corn cakes and other typical Colombian pastries right there on the menu boards in the middle of the USA – that’s how solid their culture is; that kind of thing makes you appreciate this country even more.

What is your obsession with our stores?

I am addicted to Juan Valdez® iced coffees – it was love at first sip.

I discovered them in the airport going home to visit my family in the US. I was just passing by Juan Valdez® and remembered I had to bring my Dad some coffee.

I had never really looked at their menu board, and I ended up getting an iced coffee just to check it out, and have been a full-fledged addict ever since.

‘The Very Colombian Gringo’, knows that Juan Valdez® serves a meaningful cup of coffee.

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