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Ronald is a dreamer – one of those guys who is always thinking bigger-than-life.

Juan Valdez® has proudly coined the term Baricultor™. Baricultors™ are our baristas who honor the work of our coffee growers and artfully serve up the perfect cup of coffee every time. Juan Valdez Baricultors™, just like our coffee growing families, are our inspiration.

Ronald Valero is our head Baricultor™. He recounts his journey at Juan Valdez® with the pride and satisfaction of a passionate dreamer - a journey that eventually propelled him into successfully competing at national and international barista championships.

Like many of his fellow baristas, Ronald’s journey began with his dream of traveling the world and seeing the sea. A succession of Barista championships not only made all this possible, but have made him even more passionate about his calling than ever before.

Ronald is a dreamer – one of those guys who is always thinking bigger-than-life. He always seemed destined to succeed as a Juan Valdez® barista. It’s guys like Ronald, that are the inspiration behind Juan Valdez’s® patented term Baricultor™ - a title of recognition for those baristas with that extra spark of passion for their work. “The job of barista at Juan Valdez® has sharpened from myth and taken shape in reality over the past few years. Look at the role Juan Valdez® coffee shops play in transforming lives – it’s a source of great pride.”

Juan Valdez has gone international, but remains rooted in its origins. This novelty cultivates a deep appreciation for the brand in our Baricultors™ like Ronald Valero. "This really is the coffee shop of the Colombian coffee growers. I am privileged - we support the work of thousands of families who have dedicated themselves to turning out premium Colombian coffee."

“Juan Valdez® serves A Meaningful Cup of Coffee – it is global, but hangs onto its quintessential soul: its ties to its growers, baristas, employees, and now, to its official Baricultors™. That makes us unique. I am very proud to be a part of this company, because I have a lifetime of experiences that have made me grow as a person, and now as a Baricultor™.”

Juan Valdez, A Meaningful Cup of Coffee

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