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The “Latte Art” technique, made famous in the 80s
The “Latte Art” technique, made famous in the 80s
The “The “Latte Art” technique made famous in the 80s is conquering the hearts and cups of coffee lovers all over the world.

Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, "The goal of art is not to represent the external appearance of things, but their inner meanings."

With that theory in mind, our baristas strive to craft every latte as a representation of their passion and love for creating the perfect cup of gran café from start to finish.

They take great pride in the attention to detail that goes into creating the perfect latte art for every cup. As Juan Valdez continues to expand across the globe, our baristas have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and create art that resonates with local communities.

Although love and passion are key ingredients when it comes to making latte art, our baristas take it a step further. To achieve the perfect latte art, they need to make sure the temperature, texture, and amount of steam that goes in the milk are balanced and measured (and we haven't begun to talk about skills and personal creativity).

To them, there’s no better feeling than seeing the smile on a customer's face while taking a picture of their very own uniquely crafted cup. It means the world to our baristas when they're able to make someone's day by simply doing what they love.

Right now is the best time to stop by your nearest Juan Valdez to discover everything our baristas have to offer. We know that you can get a cup of coffee anywhere, but only at Juan Valdez can you get a gran café crafted with love and perfection.

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