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  • Preventative maintenance of hotel equipment by Procafecol technicians following a schedule proposed by the hotel
  • White Company Service Ware (Cups & Saucers).
  • Personnel training
  • Promotional pieces (tent cards, menus, etc.)


Juan Valdez offers differentiation and new experiences.

We offer your business a series of added values that will educate consumers, increase the consumption of our coffee, and contribute to positioning your business as a premium establishment.

Juan Valdez is the perfect partner to ensure the satisfaction of your clients: quality, variety of flavors, and distinctive preparations and events.

We generate moments of indulgence that transport the consumer to unique places in Colombia.

The success of a restaurant or hotel is defined by the quality of its products, atmosphere and service.


  • Seal: A seal certifying that your establishment is providing the world's finest coffee will be issued.
  • Brand management assistance: We assist our clients in developing marketing materials to promote coffee consumption.
  • Support in obtaining approval to prepare and serve our coffee.