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Juan Valdez® Cafe is born

On December 12 2002, the first Juan Valdez® Café store opened its doors at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. This was the beginning of a process that intended to introduce more and more people to premium Colombian coffee.

Hello, U.S.A.!

We opened our first international store in Washington D.C. in 2004. Today we are also in New York and Miami, where we are actively expanding our presence.

Juan Valdez® Cafe packaged coffee

In our ongoing efforts to bring the best premium Colombian coffee to the world, we created our own line of packaged coffees. These coffees run the gamut from strong coffees, to balanced coffees, to coffees with flavor profiles that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Today our Cafe Volcan has found favor with espresso aficionados, while our Cafe Cumbre is popular with younger coffee drinkers.

Global Expansion

We are continuing with the process of international expansion, bringing our packaged coffee to Europe and Asia. Today we also offer e-commerce in China, the United States and Germany.

Great Coffee at 30,000 feet

Over the years, Juan Valdez® Cafe has formed alliances with a number of airlines, hotels and other businesses. You can now enjoy our premium Colombian coffees on LATAM Airlines Group flights and at Marriott hotels, not to mention scores of other restaurants, businesses--even vending machines.

A Latin American Brand

In 2008, Juan Valdez® Cafe opened stores in Chile and Ecuador. Since 2011, we have expanded into Aruba, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and Paraguay.

Our First store

In 2013, we opened the first Juan Valdez ® Cafe Zona G store. Located in Bogota, the Orígenes store is designed to bring a whole new level of the Colombian coffee experience to visitors. Orígenes spotlights different types of coffee, along with different preparation methods, all in the quest for the Perfect Cup. It's a delicious and educational experience.

We arrive to Asia

We're bringing the delights of premium Colombian coffee to Asia with the opening of stores in Malaysia and Kuwait.

3,000,000 Friends on Facebook

The opening of all these Juan Valdez® Cafe stores throughout the world has created a global digital community that interacts daily with the brand and motivates us to keep innovating.

The Quest for The Perfect Cup

Every coffee lover has his or her own Perfect Cup. It's the one cup of coffee that is ideal for you. Finding your Perfect Cup is a noble (and delicious) quest, and one we're happy to help guide you through. By finding the right coffee from our Orígenes line, and the ideal preparation method, we can help you discover your Perfect Cup.