Notas de Café
Where the mountains meet the sky.

This magical region, where the Río Magdalena flows into the Colombian Massif, is the birthplace of a coffee with great stories. It is a region dotted with volcanoes that fertilize the land, a valley where the clouds kiss the mountains and maintain a stable climate all year round, creating the perfect setting for coffee cultivation.

It is the home of people who have inherited the ancestral culture of San Augustin, home to 67,000 enterprising coffee growers. These are friendly and gentle people who day-after-day care for a great treasure capable of winning the hearts of the most demanding tastes.

Standard bearers of commitment and quality, these small producers from Huila, scattered among 35 towns, offer the best quality and diversity of coffee in the country. They are a proud representatives of all the dedicated Colombians who give the best within themselves.

Thanks to their dedication, you can now enjoy a balanced and sweet coffee with an intense aroma. Intrigued? Discover this beautiful region through a cup by origin Huila in our Juan Valdez® Café stores.


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